Ski Gloves Waterproof Thermal Warm Gloves For Snowboard Skiing Winter Snow Gloves For Men Women




*1. Material: cloth

*2. Filling: thermal cotton

*3. Size: M, L, XL

*4. Color: #Cyan, #Black, #Graffiti

*5. Style: full finger

*6. Season: Winter



*1. Wind-proof surface fabric coated with a waterproof Taslon layer for weather-proof, keep your hands free from rain, splash, melted snow.

*2. Inside, there are thermal cotton for heat insulation, keep your hands warm, free from numb even in freezing days, keep agile when you do snow sports.

*3. Full palm is covered with faux leather material for non-slip, enhancing the grip, and on the fingertips, the gloves adopt a touchscreen design that allows you to operate your phone without getting the gloves off.

*4. Adjustable drawstring closure on the wrist, secured with a clasp, enhance and double the wind-proof performance, keep your hands away from cold wind and freezing water.

*5. Add a zip slot to hold a card, keys, and other small items for convenience.



The product may vary slightly in color and measurement.

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Weight 0.200 kg
Dimensions 30 × 20 × 10 cm

01, 03, 02


M, L, XL

Ships From

Poland, China, France, Italy, Russian Federation, SPAIN, United States


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