LE032 Range Finder IP65 Waterproof Outdoor Hunting Laser Rangefinder Hunting Scope Mountable 700M Range Finder



LE032 Riflescope Mate Mini Rangefinder Operating Instructions

1) mini laser ranger.
2) all metal shell,hard enought.
3) color OLED display.
4) the mate of rilfescope, coordinate with the machine aiming point.
5) easy to mount on rifle, bows, crossbows and other products.
6) can be continuous distance measurement in foggy weather.
7) test the speed if the moving objects in the same direction.
8) units of measurement can be change immediately.
9) the power displayed in groups.
*Precision to +/- M
*Measuring range:6-700M
*Speed range:0-300KM/H
*Battery: 1pc3V(CR2)
*Package size:15x10x6cm
*Package weight:0.3kg
*continuous press the tail switch turn on the device.
*Ranging mode is the default,this is the distance measurement mode.
*continuous press the M button,change the unit of distance.M and Y.
(Note: when the device is emitting a laser, the unit can not be change)
*Click the rat tail switch,the upward arrow will be appears at the bottom right of the screen,
that’s mean the device is in the laser ranging mode.measurement the distance.
*Pree M key to change the mode.
*Multi level power display.
*In the”Speed”mode,the unit of the measured value needs to be converted separately.(km/h or mile/h)
*Pitch angle data by way of real time continuous output。
Ranging mode:
Press power key to start continuous Ranging.
Fog moded:
Fog mode screen appears,press power key ranging
Fog mode can handle the interference caused by fog.
Horizontal distance measurement mode
Press power key to start measuring the distance and slope.After obtaining measurements.
calculates and displays the horizontal distance and measuring slope.
Fog+Horizontal distance mode
Press power key to start.
In the fog can be horizontal distance measurement.
Speed mode
Press power key to start the measurement speed.
In the spped mode.long press M button to switch km/h and mile/h.


LE032 red 0113457




Above Mountright mount






Weight 0.400 kg
Dimensions 18 × 12 × 7 cm
Ships From

Poland, China, United States, SPAIN, Russian Federation


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